Frequently Asked Questions

1What is SINE Education?
SINE Education is a privately owned company which provides English language learning programs for students in government secondary schools in Thailand. We have been in operation since 2010 with an operations base in central Bangkok and 40 partner schools, mainly in the Bangkok area and the rural north east of the country.
2What English learning programs do we offer?
We offer our partner schools four different English learning programs, each of which provides one hour a week of learning for the students. Schools can take anything from one to four hours a week of English learning for some or all of their students. The most popular program (TCP) is designed to develop listening and speaking skills. We have two integrated skills programs developing listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. We also have a grammar based program for higher level students.
3What else does SINE Education do for schools?
We provide a complete package. That’s the SINE programs, the computers and other equipment to deliver them, student books, the teaching team, a coordinator, training for teachers and coordinators and all management of the staff and programs. As part of the package, we also provide one English camp a year for the students, English teaching for the school’s Thai staff and help with extra-curricular activities such as English competitions.
4Do teachers have to write lesson plans and create materials?
No. Everything a teacher needs is provided by SINE Education. All lessons are prepared by us and presented by our teachers using PowerPoint. All teachers receive a full set of teacher notes for each lesson. All tests are prepared by SINE Education. All student books are provided by SINE Education. Teachers are provided with a remote control ‘clicker’ to operate the PowerPoint from anywhere in the class room and everything else they need.
5What training is offered to teachers?
All new SINE teachers take part in our training course in central Bangkok during May or October. That course fully prepares you for teaching the SINE programs as well as providing an introduction to living in Thailand and working in a Thai government school.
6What about ongoing support?
SINE management, academic team members, operations team members, IT team members and sales team members all visit the SINE partner schools on a regular basis and will provide whatever support our teachers need. SINE English teachers are observed teaching at least once per semester and any extra support or training needed is provided then. Every SINE partner school has a SINE coordinator who often acts as a ‘bridge’ between the SINE English team and the school staff.
7What kind of people work for SINE?
We employ people from all walks of life. They are all native English speakers from the UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Ireland or South Africa and they all have at least a bachelor degree. Some people have never taught before joining us, others have taught for several years in their home countries or abroad. Some are young people starting their first job after university, some are people looking to start a second career. Some people plan to do it for just a year, others have taken early retirement but still want to do something with their lives. We value the diversity of our teaching team. What they have in common is an ability to create a stimulating environment for young Thai learners.
8How much will I earn?
The starting salary for all SINE English conversation teachers is 33,000 Thai baht per month. Your salary is paid direct into your bank account on the last working day of each month. We help new teachers to open bank accounts at training. Teachers in the greater Bangkok area also receive 2,000 Thai baht per month allowance. If you teach for more than 24 hours per week, for example if you’re covering classes for a colleague who is off sick, you will receive 300 Thai baht for each extra hour. At the end of a full 10 month contract, you will receive a completion of contract bonus of 20,000 Thai baht.
9How will I find my school?
If you’re working outside Bangkok, we’ll take you to your school immediately after your training. You’ll overnight in an inexpensive local hotel which we’ll book for you but you will pay for. If you’re working in the Bangkok area, you’ll probably have to make your own way to school but don’t worry, we’ll help you with that and make it as easy as possible. We’ll also arrange for you to be met at the school gate.
10What about accommodation?
Accommodation in Thailand as a general rule is cheap, depending on what standard of accommodation you want. For example: inner city Bangkok can be cheap but the sky is the limit. Prices usually start from 4,500thb per month depending on area and proximity to the BTS (Skytrain). Up country prices are somewhat cheaper ranging from 3,500thb per month. However, the nearer to a city you are located, the higher the cost. During your recruitment stage with SINE education we will provide you with a guide to some accommodations in the area where you will be located.
11Do you provide health insurance?
Every member of the SINE education team is provided with aetna health insurance. Your cover starts from May 1st, the same start date as your contract. You will receive information regarding the health insurance at training and your member’s card will be sent to you shortly after.
12How do I get a work permit?
Your work permit and all visa issues are dealt with by our FTA (Foreign Teacher Administration) team. You will meet somebody from the team at your training where they will ask about your current visa and give you advice about any issues you may have. The procedure for gaining a work permit can take up to four months or longer depending on the local authority and the school, so don’t worry if you feel it is taking a long time. Our FTA team will guide you through the whole procedure, holding your hand where necessary!
13What happens when I arrive in Thailand?
When you arrive in Thailand you will be met at the airport and taken to your hotel. (You must book your hotel prior to arriving in Thailand) You will have already been sent details of training and the venue, we will meet you there on your first day of training. If you arrive in Thailand early, you are very welcome to come to our office to meet us and to deal with paperwork ahead of the training.
14Are there longer term opportunities with SINE Education?
All teachers’ contracts are for ten months. (May to March) If you feel you want to stay in Thailand and continue with SINE education your contact can be renewed the following May. Currently we have a number of teachers that have been with SINE education for four years and more. So the opportunities for long term employment are there with us. All of our Head Teachers are appointed from the Sine teaching team and when vacancies occur in the management team, we first look to our Head Teachers and regular Sine teachers to fill those vacancies.