As you find out more about Thailand, we think you'll agree that Thailand has something for everyone. Thais have the reputation of being some of the most fun loving, easy-going and tolerant people in the world. They welcome visitors and are happy to introduce them to Thai culture. Many teachers pursue traditional arts such as cooking, Thai boxing and meditation. Some have settled here permanently. Bangkok is a vibrant and exciting city, with very modern shopping and entertainment areas, as well as tranquil temples, bustling traditional markets and a dynamic and varied nightlife.

Cost of Living

The cost of living is relatively low. Most people love the food and eat out all the time. Beaches are a couple of hours bus ride out of the city. Apartments are good value and basic services like laundry are cheap. Typically, a modern apartment near the schools costs between 6,000-10,000 baht per month but you can find places as low as 3,500 per month. Utilities may cost about 1-2,000 baht monthly, including electricity, water and laundry. Most apartments are studios and they usually come with air conditioner, TV and fridge. Most taxi rides within the city are under 100 baht, and the Sky Train allows you to cross the city very cheaply. A bus trip is less than 40 baht. A two-hour bus trip to the beach is less than 200 baht return. Eating out is very cheap, but depends, of course, on your taste. Thais eat out much more than most Westerners, and the variety of food available in the city is incredible. Local Thai food is excellent, but if you crave something exotic, like a Scotch egg or a balti, you’ll find all kinds of food is available here. Security is no more an issue here than it would be in the West. In fact expatriates living here would say that Thailand is a very safe place to live. People go out, day or night, without concern. Medical services, including dental services, are top-class and significantly cheaper than in the West.

Thai Culture

Many people are attracted to Thailand through their interest in Thai culture, which has many unique and interesting qualities. Some believe the food is among the best in the world with its spicy tastes and vibrant colours. Others are fascinated by the ancient temples and the wisdom of Buddhism. Bangkok has many places of interest for visitors and a few hours travel outside the city you can also find varied and exciting places to spend a weekend such as the old capital of Ayuddhya or the famous bridge over the River Kwai in Kanchanaburi.


Up country locations vary hugely. The cities have similar facilities to Bangkok, just not as numerous. The small towns are much quieter. Some of them have a major supermarket such as Tesco Lotus but some only have convenience stores. Expect them all to have a busy market and lots of places to eat! When you are up-country everything from food to apartment rental is a lot cheaper than Bangkok. An up-country experience is much closer to the older, traditional way of life in Thailand.

Thai language

The Thai language can seem daunting at first: it has five tones and a 44 character writing system. Spoken Thai is relatively easy. Thais very much appreciate visitors’ efforts to speak Thai and most teachers are able to pick up at least the rudiments quite quickly.


The climate in Thailand is usually either hot, or hot and wet. Sine Education requires a ‘professional’ standard of dress which is more formal than the smart/casual look favoured in the West. Thai students look up to teachers and expect them to look the part. Smart trousers, long sleeved shirt and tie for men if teaching in an air conditioned room, smart short sleeved shirt and no tie if not. Equivalent for women, shoulders must always be covered and no trousers for women. No open-toed shoes, sandals or ‘beach wear’. During the official mourning period for the late King (to end November 2017), all teachers must wear black. For women it is a black dress or a black blouse and black skirt. Shoulders must be covered and skirts/dresses must be below the knee. For men, it is black trousers, black or white shirt and black tie. You can get almost everything you need in the shops in Thailand. Boots has branches in Bangkok – prices a bit higher than at home. There are western style shops and restaurants all over the city. We believe that your time with us will be rewarding both professionally and personally, an exciting experience of another culture, and a lot of fun.